Hard Words Part II
July 18, 2013 by

Writing posts for Collective Inquiry is such an interesting experience for me. Sometimes I struggle to think of what I will write for the week, sometimes I wake up  inspired  and eager to write (like Monday morning), sometimes I write a post and don’t think much about it afterward, and then sometimes I write a post and it remains lingering in my mind for the remainder of the week.

This was one of those weeks in which I woke up inspired and eager (Monday morning) and in which the post lingered in my mind.

In case you didn’t catch my post on Monday, I’ll summarize…sometimes it is hard to have honest conversations about the  things that we do not wish to hear about ourselves. These conversations sometimes leaves us vulnerable and hurt…but ultimately stronger in the end.

The part that I have been thinking about with regard to that post is the who. Who is it safe to have these conversations with and how do we determine the who?

I wrote in my post that we often have these conversations with our partners, close friends, family members, and therapists. Don’t get me wrong…these are the right people but in order to be in that really vulnerable place where we open ourselves up t


o what is said…there has to be a certain level of trust.

Trust that the person with whom we have the conversation…

Loves us unconditionally.

Approaches the conversation with no ill intent.

Has enough background with us to make the observations/comments/suggestions that he or she makes.

Will stick around (emotionally and physically) and be available to hear our thoughts, concerns, and fears.

Without trust, there is the possibility that hurt (of a really icky nature) could occur. We may leave the conversation feeling betrayed, misunderstood, angry, etc.

So, with all of that said, embrace those conversations. Embrace the people with whom you have cultivated trust.

Live, laugh, and love (my mantra for the week)!

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