When realities collide
March 8, 2013 by
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Throughout our life we construct our own personal reality. Some of the reality is based on what we are taught, some of it is based on the messages we receive, and some of it is based on how we are hard wired. What is interesting to me is how tightly we hold to our reality, even if it causes us pain.

Image by Vangel_PL

Image by Vangel_PL

Our reality determines what messages we allow in from the outside world and how we interpret those messages. For example, a reality based on inferiority can often times only allow in messages that confirm that reality, even though the person within that reality is scared to death of their suspicions of being inferior being confirmed. I have also seen the opposite: when the reality is based on inferiority, any messages that come in to confirm that reality are quickly turned around to show that it is the sender that is inferior.

Either way, to question our own reality is threatening, even if at some level we are aware of the problems our reality gives us. To question the reality suddenly opens up the possibility that our worst fears will be confirmed, even though we recognize the possibility that those fears may be unfounded. Our reality is comfortable, even if it is painful, and to question sends us into the unknown. We don’t know who or what we’ll be at the end of this quest.

Is questioning our reality worth it? Sometimes it can just me a little remodling, but sometimes it requires a major overhaul. I’ve been at different stages of readiness throughout my life and I talk and interact with people at different stages. In my experience, as painful as the process is, I haven’t been disappointed with questioning my reality and my new ways of experiencing the world. What we need is a companion, not a guide, that will allow us to freely explore, that will gently challenge, and always accept us unconditionally regardless of the result of this quest in our life’s journey.

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