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ChocolateWhenever I walk into the therapy office where I practice, I walk directly to the candy dish where I strategically pluck out a piece of Dove chocolate from the mound of Hershey’s kisses. I do this for two reasons: (1) I have a slight affinity to chocolate (it can make any day a good day) and (2) I get the chance to enjoy a piece of chocolate AND the chance to read an encouraging message.

Usually these messages make me feel warm and fuzzy inside and bring a smile to my face. However, much to my dismay, I found myself letting out an exasperated sigh this past Tuesday evening after reading the much anticipated chocolate wrapper message.

You may ask why. Let me tell you. The message saidĀ “Indulge every whim.” My first thoughts were…

Whoa, boy. What? Indulge my every whim? How could I ever indulge my every whim and manage to get everything checked off the infamous to do list? This wrapper is suggesting utter carelessness.

Talk about being critical! The poor chocolate wrapper didn’t even have the chance to defend itself. Instead, it found itself crumpled up and thrown into a wastebasket.

I am unsure of what led me to do it but I took some serious time to reflect on the message while driving home from the office that night.

After some thought, I arrived at a conclusion: while indulging inĀ every whim may be excessive, it is certainly not a bad thing to indulge in whims. Rather, it is one of the most healthy things that we can do for ourselves.

Indulging in whims allows us the opportunity to let go and enjoy pretty much anything…a guilty pleasure, time with the family, trying something new, relaxing…

This particular evening reminded me of how easy it is to slip into a humdrum routine…a routine that suffocates the whim.

I am truly thankful that I read that chocolate wrapper message. It was a reminder for myself…one that I deemed important enough to share with you.

Maybe you will decide to indulge a chocolate whim today…sounds like a good idea to me!

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