365 Questions, 5 Years, 1825 Answers
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Even though I would never want to be on a reality TV show, I do like the idea of having access to video documentary of my life.  Now before you label me narcissistic, please note that this intrigue is not coming from a place of vanity but instead from a place that wishes to capture some of the special moments in my life so that I do not forget them.

I mean, come on.  How fun would it be to revisit inside jokes made with bests friends or see yourself becoming more fluent in Spanish on your study abroad trip to Costa Rica.  I think this would be brilliant.

While I do have some video proof of my past life, there are still so many moments that remain only good memories.  This brings me to my newest purchase, a five-year journal called Q & A a Day: 365 Questions, 5 Years, 1825 Answers.

Each day of the year has its own page and each day you are asked a random question, such as “What shocking news have you recently learned?” or “How hungry are you right now?”  Each page has five spaces to write and answer in, one space per year.

It is simple, quick, and easy.  I am not one to typically journal on a daily basis, but I find this method easy, fun, and enjoyable.  I look forward to five years from now when I can see how my answers change or maybe even stay the same.

Have you ever felt this intrigue?  What memories would you like to remember five years from now?


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