Push Aside the Expectations
October 2, 2012 by
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This video documents the work of Ian Ruhter, who started using different techniques for photography, a work about which is a incredibly passionate. He asks the following question:

“If you had been searching your whole life for something you love, what would you be willing to sacrifice?”

Passion, Inspiration, Motivation… these are all things I feel when watching this video. But when I first saw it, my own inner dialogue picked apart his project and told me why I could never do something as gutsy and inspiring: He used his savings. He had the time to dedicate to the project. He is just the type that can live with the “unknown.”

Each of these messages imply a reason why I could never dedicate myself to something like this. What stops you from doing the things that you really enjoy? Not enough time? Not enough money? Too much fear? Too little security?

“I guess the biggest self realization I had in doing this was the only limitations there are, are the ones I put on myself.”

In turn, many of these limitations weigh us down in the form of expectations: those that we put on ourselves and those that we accept from others.

How many of times have I stopped myself from doing something for fear of failure? After watching this video, I realized that the majority of what I do is for the end product – rarely do I take part in something simply for the joy of doing it.

In the end, my message here is not to spend your life savings on something you love, and I’m not asking you to leave your life to build a new one. I simply want you to think about what you truly enjoy doing – what makes you feel alive and inspired? And I encourage you to find a path that allows you do it. Maybe not full time, maybe not on the scale of this project, but something that will help you to strip yourself of those limitations and expectations and experience the pure enjoyment of it.

Something that will allow you to feel the joy of simply… being.

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