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i went to the gym for the first time in a long time last week and a day later felt incredible soreness in muscles i didn’t know existed. why am i sharing this with you, you ask?

it’s because it was a deep (and painful) way to remember that even change that is good for you can hurt.

let me backtrack for a minute. with the idea of self-care in mind, i had been talking about about going to the gym for months.  i was geared up for feeling better, both physically and mentally. having gone beforehand, i used to love the routine,  empowerment i felt, and having a healthy outlet.

with that said, i clearly forgot to account for an adjustment period. i forgot that when you start almost anything new (whether by choice or not), having something added or taken away from your life can provide times of difficulty, along with excitement and growth.

and so, with each painful movement, i had to encourage myself not to give up just yet. it hurt, yes. but it meant i took a small step towards achieving my goal, it meant that i got up and followed-through with something, that i was taking care of myself.

have you experienced a time where positive change was difficult? what was it like?


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