Admiring Real Strength
January 29, 2013 by
Categories: Coping

What are you passionate about? And how much are willing to risk for it?

These questions came to mind over the weekend, and I began thinking about how much I would risk for my goals in life.

This past Sunday, my family experienced a tragedy that was devastating and life-changing for those at the center. That evening, as I crawled into bed next to my husband, I began wondering if there was anything for which I would risk that kind of pain. Neither of us could come up with an answer to the question.

I see this risk in people who continually make themselves vulnerable to pain – whether it is to find the right companion, the right job, the right passion. This kind of risk can bring both immense joy and devastating pain.

I so deeply admire the people who know their answer to this question – know a purpose that they have such a deep, deep desire to fulfill. These people are focused, they are driven, and they have such an honest strength.  The strongest people I have met are those who continually make themselves vulnerable even after such heartbreak.

These are my thoughts for the day, with no real direction other than to say my heart is sending a sense of peace to those dear to me and a sense of admiration for the strength they continually show.

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