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In a recent post, Sean Johnson talks about the importance of having margins in our life, space in between activities, meetings, etc. I admit that this is one area that I haven’t done very well with in the past. In my scheduling, I’ve always just assumed that I can travel across town to appointments instantaneously. This hasn’t worked very well as frequently I was running behind.

Image by iprole

Image by iprole

He provides suggestions to help with creating space between activities such as:

The 80/20 rule is your best friend. The majority of your results and effectiveness come from only 20% of your activities. There will always be more meetings to have, more people to hang out with, more opportunities to pursue than you can realistically take on. Before taking on another commitment, ask yourself whether it is likely to be high impact. If it’s not moving you forward in your goals, remove it. You’re better off spending time with your family or doing something that recharges you than attending another low-value networking event.

The full post can be found here:

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