Getting Over a Breakup in a World of Tweets, Text & Status Updates
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Matt BorerWhat is it about the breakups that we just can’t seem to get over? You know the ones that I am talking about, right? The ones that leave us spending the majority of the day in our pajamas, overeating, crying, and thinking about our ex nonstop.

Well, Dr. Matt Borer, a licensed marriage and family therapist who follows the Collective Inquiry blog, recently asked up to review his book – Getting Over a Breakup in a World of Tweets, Text & Status Updates. Dr. Borer offers a unique perspective…one that has not yet been discussed here on Collective Inquiry.

Dr. Borer moves the breakup conversation from the traditional to the modern. He recognizes that we now live in a world in which breakups are made even more complicated by the technology that surrounds us (Facebook, Twitter, texting, e-mails, phone calls…just to name a few).

Perhaps what is most interesting about this book is Dr. Borer’s willingness to share his own personal experience with his readers. Dr. Borer bases much of his book on insight that he gained after a breakup that he went through years ago. Throughout the book, you will read about Dr. Borer’s breakup experience as well as the experience of others. These stories are strategically introduced to let you know that, like others, you can get over your ex.

Like everything, some readers may find this book more helpful than others. We here at Collective Inquiry embrace the individuality of ourselves, our friends, our families, and our readers. What is helpful for one person may not be helpful for another. However, if you are finding it difficult to get over your ex…especially with regard to negotiating the breakup and technology…this book may be a helpful place to start!

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