be the change you wish to be in the world. {ghandi}
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I am fortunate enough to have this quote by Ghandi painted in large letters on the wall facing my desk at work. Not only is it a daily reminder, but that it is one of my favorite quotes and is so close gives me a large sense of fate– I fit here. And for that, I am blessed.

More importantly, it reinforces the idea for me that I am not here to change others, but to facilitate change through the way I live and the work I happen I do. I am not out to rescue, save, or tell people how to live their lives (or that if they did things the way I did them, things would work out).  I can be a tool of change, but I must also work on myself first. It’s an important line that I try to be very conscious about setting.

What does it personally mean to me to “be the change” i wish to be in the world?:

– Being true to myself. Following this motto has never let me down. That voice inside or gut feeling is there for you to follow, not ignore. It has led me to places that have been life-changing.

– Kindness, in all forms. I am often lent or given kindness. I am most touched when it’s random, done without a thought, or not done for a tangible exchange. While it may be difficult to truly give without getting something in return, I say– give anyway.

– Cultivate mutually empowering relationships. We are who we are through others, the ones that hurt you and the ones that heal you. But those few quality relationships consistent in my life not only make me a better person, but I hope to add something to their lives as well.

– Working with adolescents is my way of trying to make a dent of impact in this world. But I would be doing them a disservice if I built myself up as a rescuer of the under served. Rather, I try to learn from their resiliency, humor, and honesty in any way I can and then apply it in my life.

–  Doing the best I can and sharing my stories. At the end of the day, we are all doing the best we can with what we know how. Everyone. This is a lesson I keep in back of my mind for whenever I get frustrated and upset.

This is just my own list (that constantly changes) of ways I try to be an agent of change. Yours may look different and that is okay. It’s good to step back and remember that even if you are not constantly reaching out in direct service, that by being you, you are still facilitating an impact on your surroundings. That kind of impact is left up to you.

What are your thoughts?


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