Someone to call me grasshopper
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“The wisest person is the one reading the script the writers wrote to create the situation.”

Throughout my youth, I searched for my own Mr Miyagi. Someone that I could go to with my problems and they would have a wise answer that would set me off on the correct course. Someone that could see me for who I was and understand the greater picture of my context and could gradually lead me to understand who I was (and not only that but help me understand how I fit into life).

I don’t think that person exists. At least not in the form of one person. As I look back in life, there have been many people throughout that have played the role of the wise guide in my life. Different people with whom I’ve interacted have shaped my path into the direction it is now going. I expect there will be people that I don’t know exist at this moment that will have an impact on my future direction. Based on my experience, some of these people will bring joy, others pain and some will have a great influence, and others a little.

But to be honest, sometimes I still wish that person did exist. When I’m struggling with decisions or personal challenges, get asked difficult questions, wondering where I fit into life, I wish I could meet my Uguay, my Master Po, or Yoda that would make it all so much simpler. Fortunately, I have the benefit of having a wife, family, and close friends I can turn to and between us, the entire group, I believe we can climb anything.

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