What is it all about?
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“you were looking for a landslide. I was looking out for you. I was looking out for you.”

-Brandi Carlile

I get that question quite a bit. From family. From friends. From potential clients. The question, of course, refers to therapy. What is therapy all about? What do I do and say as a therapist? What do my clients say and do?

These questions are all difficult for me to answer. I am bound by confidentiality so I can never discuss the identities of my clients or the situations

that they are working through.

These questions are also difficult for me because I am unsure of how to describe exactly what it is that I say and do.

The simplest answer that I can give is that therapy is about providing a place for people to come. To let go or to grab a hold again. A space where my clients can come every week and know that they will have my attention. That I am there. That I am looking out.

It is such an odd process. I meet with my clients for one hour once a week. Most of the time, I have no idea what their lives look like outside of the therapy room. I only have that hour to connect and to provide the safe place that I so dearly enjoy providing.

That is the meat of it. You may still be wondering what it is that I do…but, right now, that is all that I know to say. It is something that I think about a lot. I am sure that you will hear my thoughts on this question again…and I am sure that you will hear from the other Collective Inquiry bloggers about their thoughts.

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