“There’s nothing like the deep breaths after laughing that hard. Nothing in the world like a sore stomach for the right reasons.” /I Give Thanks
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Similar to writing in your journal only when you’re sad or there’s something “big” to write about, I feel like I have been posting on more heavy topics as of late.  In efforts to give credit to the other parts of life where it’s due, I want to focus a post on things that keep me afloat and put a smile on my face. Because truthfully, there are a lot more of these kinds of moments then anything else– they are just not appreciated enough.  As a therapist it is important for me to not just share the darker parts of me that make me human, but the lighter parts. 

I profusely give thanks to books.  They are a quiet companion that can change based on what I need and sometimes offer something I didn’t even know I needed.  With a book (or two, or three) always tucked away in my room, car, or purse, I am never alone. Long lines, solo coffee dates, and waiting rooms don’t faze me because I can sneak in time to read. Books have been my long-time escape since childhood and there’s nothing like having time fly by because you are deeply absorbed in the story. Even better is the glory of walking into a bookstore and walking slowly along the shelves, neck craned, to discover your next great read. You’ll often find me plopped down on the floor so I can take my time browsing the lower shelves and flipping through books ( I do judge by the cover). 

I give thanks to the afternoons I “wasted,” making a delicious lunch, surfing the internet, writing posts, reading, drinking coffee, chatting with friends, and enjoying the sunshine. Every now and then I ditch being responsible (perks of unemployment) and let myself have a guilt free morning or afternoon not being “work” productive. Unhurried work and relaxation is not laziness, it’s taking care of the self.

I give thanks to laughter. I give thanks to having a life where every day, no matter what, I have laughed. Whether I am laughing with a group, a best friend, at myself, or at the television, it gives a spur of energy and contentedness. The people in my life that know how to make me laugh even when I am in the edge of tears are truly special to me. The ones that make start giggling wildly or give me that deep belly life are ones that I never want to lose. Laughing makes me feel alive and well, pure and simple.  It’s important to surround yourself with people not only whose humor you enjoy, but ones that enjoy your humor. That is why I love the following quote:  “There’s nothing like the deep breaths after laughing that hard. Nothing in the world like a sore stomach for the right reasons.” – Perks of Being a Wallflower

I give thanks to porches & friends to enjoy them with.

I give thanks to people.  All of you. Friends, siblings, family, strangers, bloggers, travelers, children, neighbors, and community. Every one of you has shaped me. When it comes down to it (and as independent as I try to be) I am not who I am because of my own doing. You are my reflection, my support, my sounding board, and what makes life possible. I can look back at many stages of my life and recognize the impact of the people I spent most of my time with. As I move through each stage, some people stay and some go. But their influence is something that never truly leaves.

It’s overwhelming to think of just how long this list can keep going. To make things more simple, I’ll give a quick thanks to a few more things (that I take for granted) and give you time to come up with your own thoughts!

I’m particularly thankful for: the ritual of drinking coffee, mint tea that appears only during large family breakfasts, iTunes ( the soundtrack of my life), movies that transport you, TV marathons that simultaneously make you feel guilty and happy, water- for the fact that we are absolutely lucky here to not worry about not having any, floral prints for their brightness, warm bear hugs, sunshine on your skin, the smile when someone is happy to see you (or you’re happy to see them), the color grey for it’s possibility, fresh baked cookies, blogging for giving everyone a voice, trees for keeping all of earth’s secrets, the perfect ink pen, sisters, smells that transport you to far away memories and places, bookshelves, cooking,  and last– I gave thanks to the love that infuses all of these things and thus meaningful to me.

What about you? When someone asks about your week– do you automatically define it by the “big” events or do you recall all of these moments in between?

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