2014: The year of the word.
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I’ll be the first to say it, it has been way too long since I have made an appearance on here (good thing you can’t see the guilty look plastered across my face right now). Luckily, the ushering in of 2014 has left me feeling ready/eager/desperate to write.

It seems that the ushering in of the new year brings new life for many. Everywhere you look – the television, radio, social media, magazines, texts and emails exchanged between friends and loved ones – you will find public pronouncements of new year resolutions.

It is exciting…this thought of a new year, another chance to take a stab at long held dreams and goals. We often become so entrenched in this excitement that we hop aboard the resolution train (go ahead and picture it) to make a list that soon begins to resemble something like this…

  1. Be the best person (seriously, I mean this) possible.
  2. Lose (x number) of pounds.
  3. Go to the gym every day (rain, snow, ice, sunshine, whatever).
  4. Journal every day (I’m running out to the store now to buy one!).

You get the picture. Most of us wind up with a list of resolutions that, in all honesty, soon become daunting. And, eventually, result in disappointment for many of us. The next year rolls around and we realize that we were not the best person possible (e.g., shouldn’t have snapped at my significant other so much), we haven’t lost the 15 pounds promised, we went to the gym off and on for only a month, and our journal entries only extended through the first week of January.

I do not write this to discourage you. Rather, I am writing this blog entry to encourage you to try something different with me. Nix the resolutions and embrace a word to guide you through 2014!

2013-03-09 18.50.44

I attended a yoga workshop this past weekend that encouraged me to do just this very thing that I am speaking of. What resulted was a list of 5 words that I eventually narrowed down to 1 – strength. Strength to get through the tough sh%&.  Strength to embrace all of the good.  Strength to attempt my goals, both big and small (e.g., a handstand, taking a huge chunk out of my dissertation, growing my therapy practice). Strength to realize that I have a lot to offer this world, even on the days when I feel insignificant.

Just something that I’m throwing out there for you to chew on!

Cheers to a wonderful promising 2014!

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One Thought About 2014: The year of the word.

  • Fatimah
    January 6, 2014 at 1:44 pm Reply

    My word is empowerment! I was thinking along those same lines, especially when I get overhwelmed at all the goals.

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