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We are more than our bodies. More than our minds. More than our hearts. We are a complicated array of body, mind, and heart.

Unfortunately, I think that we often forget this…and then we forget to focus on the whole. So instead we choose to focus on one part of ourselves at the neglect of the other parts.

We all do something along the lines of…

Becoming so entrenched in our studies/work (the mind) that we neglect our bodies and our hearts.


Becoming so entrenched in exercise (the body) that we neglect our minds and our hearts.


Becoming so entrenched in a relationship (the heart) that we neglect our bodies and our minds.

Little me

We do this because we somehow convince ourselves that the other parts of ourselves are content to wait. So we grind away, working, exercising, loving to an extreme so that we can reach some goal that we have set for ourselves.

What we often fail to realize is that the other parts are really not content to wait. Our minds will falter if we don’t challenge them. Our bodies will falter if we don’t exercise them and put food in them to nourish. Our hearts will falter if we don’t invest in our relationships.

It is a tricky balance…a dilemma that often results in a lot of second guessing.

I suppose that today’s post is a reminder to nourish all of you…not just the part that is screaming for your attention at this moment.

I’m going to take my own advice. The part that is screaming at me right now is my mind (research, learn, graduate!). I am going to take care of that part but I am also going to remember that my body and my heart are just as important as the other part.

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