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BrokenThursday morning is one of my favorite mornings. I roll out of bed, grab a cup of coffee, and then sit down to write my post for the week (usually about something that I thought about a few days earlier). I am usually also fixated on the fact that tomorrow is Friday which means that it is one day closer to the weekend…my designated “take a deep breath” time.

This morning is a little different. The last 36 hours have been rather hectic/not fun/ overwhelming for me. I am almost tempted to spill out every single detail of the past 36 hours but I will refrain.

Moments like this one are hard for me. I am simultaneously stuck wrestling with the desire to be authentic and the desire to maintain a certain image of the put together Kristyn…the person who is able to handle everything that life throws at her with grace and dignity.

I am not going to pretend that I am the only person who is caught on the wrestling mat. Rather, I am going to venture that many of you are on the wrestling mat with me. Perhaps that is why I am choosing to share my dilemma with you this morning.

Authenticity is much easier said then done. For instance, think of how many times you answer with the almost obligatory phrase, “I’m great!” when someone asks you how you are doing.

This dilemma of authenticity is one of the reasons why I find close friends, our partners, our family, and the therapy room to be such valuable assets. These are the people and places in which we can be authentic. In which we can say that we are having a hard time…that we are needing someone to sit ¬†with us and just listen to us ramble nonsensically about the happenings of our day.

Hmm…feels pretty good to be authentic.




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