Let go of expectations
October 26, 2012 by
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Over the past few years I have changed my language to better reflect my beliefs. In all that I’ve accomplished in my life, I have never been one to set goals. It became a challenge for me because in one of the classes that I teach, I required students to come up with 3-4 goals to work on through the course of the semester. I was never really comfortable with this since I was never really one to set goals myself. I do have different directions that I have intended to go in life, but never a full expectation of arriving at some end (there’s always more to go). So, the most important part for me was having fun along the way.

Zenhabits.net recently posted a challenge in the way we think about goals:

“While some people like to focus on being disciplined and achieving goals and sticking to their plans, I find this to be meaningless. What’s the point? You’ll fail about a third to half the time, and then feel like a failure for not being disciplined or sticking to a plan or goal.

“In contrast, if you do the exact same thing, but let go of the expectation you’ve set for yourself and just have fun doing it, it’s a complete success.”

I know that in my life, I love to have fun. It takes the pressure off and makes growing more enjoyable and definitely less stressful.

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