Perfection, or not
May 4, 2012 by
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Ok. Let’s set the record straight: I’m not perfect.

At times it feels like others hold me to a higher standard because I am a therapist. It’s as if since I am a therapist, I should no longer be subject to weaknesses–that I should know better. Yes, there was a time that I did hold myself to a higher standard (though it wasn’t because I am a therapist), and I suppose in some things I still do. But I have worked hard to accept that I am human and therefore subject to one thing that defines being human: I make mistakes– I don’t always make the best decisions.

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I remember when I was training to be a therapist, people would approach my wife and tell her how lucky she was that I was becoming a therapist because I must be so sensitive and such a good listener for her. She would always smile, and then she and I would have a good laugh. Yes, there are times when I am a good listener. There are also times where I am an amazing empathizer for her. But, there’s also a lot of times where I miss what she said because I’m not paying attention. There are also times when I’m just being  your average, ordinary listener.

Confessions: I get grumpy with people. I’ve found myself getting angry with other drivers. I’ve not been nice to a customer service representative. I feel guilty afterwords. I apologize to those I affected (except other drivers because it would be creepy to hunt them down to offer an apology…). Rinse. And repeat.

Some of my mistakes have been huge and some have been small. Unfortunately, I don’t have a manual to life. Yes, I read a lot of research on the human condition, but it rarely translates exactly at an individual level. I don’t celebrate my mistakes, but I try to accept them, learn from them, and continue on. Sometimes it gets me down, sometimes it makes me laugh. I do celebrate for the opportunity to be human: to experience the mistakes as well as the successes and live life generally between the two. But more on that later.

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