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“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.”- Thoreau

Einstein has been quoted as saying that imagination is more important than knowledge. We can see so many examples of this from recent developments in technology and society. Most of what we have started as someone’s vision, and then work was commenced to bring about the development. Yes there have been mistakes along the way, some of them inexcusable, but the pattern has remained the same: it starts with a thought, a dream, a vision, and then you work to make it real. Both parts of this process are equally important, as one can’t exist without the other.

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We can find this process throughout different cultures as well. For example, the Hindu philosophy of the chakras points to the upper chakras as being more visionary, while the lower chakras are thought to be roots to keep us grounded. Within the philosophy, we need a constant and steady flow between the two ends in order to function at our peak.

For me, the dreaming part comes easy. I have had an active imagination since I was a child. It’s the working part that is more of a challenge. Luckily, I have people around me to help me balance the two and to make sure that I remain on task. I know for some, it is the dreaming part that is a challenge. For them, it would be important to surround themselves with dreamers.

I think it is important to recognize that many times our achievements aren’t a result of an individual effort. More often that not, it requires a team. It is important to surround ourselves with people that are not only like us (such as dreamers, visionaries), but also those that are different (like realists, workers). And even with those that may be similar to us in terms of dreamers or realists, it is important for some of them to have different ideas or approaches to problems. I have found that it is with such teams that great ideas are born and achieved.

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