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Lifehacker.com posted recently on a way of collecting and maintaining ideas from a different perspective. I’ve read about ways of using brainstorm mapping, but they always seemed to organized for my brain to wrap itself around. This new perspective is a bit less organized from a traditional perspective, which tends to fit the way I think a bit more.

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It involves creating a list of ideas as them come, so the list is kept chronologically rather than categorically through related terms. A previous post on creativity would suggest that placing things together that are related may not always be the best way of organizing ideas for creativity. The list is kept and then reviewed once a month from top to bottom where ideas are either added on, or spark new ideas to be placed on the list. It may also be possible that two or more ideas on the list can be combined to create new ideas.

The post also recommends readings by Steven Johnson, the developer of this method (called the Spark File):

The Invention of Air

Where Good Ideas Come From

Steven Johnson’s original post on the Spark File

Do you find the brainstorm map works for you? How do you organize your ideas?

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