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Goodbyes are a mystery to many. Whenever we say goodbye to someone, we comfort ourselves with the compulsory…”this is not goodbye, this is see you later.” Realistically, though, it is a goodbye. It is a goodbye to what once was and a hello to what will be.

Our relationship changes when we say goodbye to someone. This is sometimes deliberate. We sometimes decide that the relationship has run its course and it is time to move on. Sometimes it is not deliberate. Life sometimes presents us with a situation that forces us to move away from those who we are most comfortable with in order to pursue the next chapter of our lives. In this case, we have to renegotiate our relationship and the very ways in which we connect with each other.

Goodbye is not always a bad thing. I think that a goodbye has a way of reminding us of the relationships that are important to us. A goodbye also serves as a reminder of the fact that relationships take work. All too often, we become complacent in our relationships and fail to put in the work. Just a thought…but maybe goodbye isn’t such a bad thing. It is difficult but also a way of solidifying the relationships that mean the most to us. 

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