Let go of the stress of measuring
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“Do for the love of doing, for the love of others. That’s unmeasurable, and profoundly life changing.”

I have had several conversations over the past week about alternatives to living without goals. Some people just can’t live with the pressure of a looming deadline for a goal. It’s no secret that I love Douglas Adams. Let me quote him: I love deadlines. I love the swooshing sound they make as the pass by. Related to setting goals, and just as big of a potential source of stress, is measuring progress.

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Zenhabits.net posted recently on an alternative to measuring by pointing out, how do we really measure the important things in life– things like how much we love our partner, family, or friends? Why then do we feel the need to measure other things such as productivity, calories consumed or burned, miles ran, etc.? Yes, in some instances measuring is necessary, but probably not as necessary as we make it.

There are some inherent problems with measurement as it’s frequently used. Babauta writes:

For the full read, click the link below.

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