A Savasana State of Mind
August 20, 2012 by
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I have recently been inspired by Laura to take up yoga.  There is this awesome yoga facility in town and they have a deal that gets you 30 days unlimited for $30, so I went for it!  I have only been four times so far, but I am already in love with it!  I actually look forward to going to exercise.  Normally, I dread going and make up a ton of excuses why I don’t need to go.

Anyway, this particular yoga studio provides a lot of nice, little touches in addition to just going through the motions of yoga.  There was once a time I had some sort of menthol oil sprinkled over me and then rubbed around my neck.  At the end of each session, the instructor reads an inspiring quote or short passage as we all lay content and relaxed on our sides.  This place is definitely more than just going through the physical motions.  My mind is also able to work its way to peace and relaxation.

One of my favorite parts of the practice is when we are seated, legs crossed in prayer pose and the instructor asks us to set an intention for our practice today.  Gentle reminders throughout the practice from the instructors help me refocus on my intention.  So far, my intention has been to remain in the moment, settle into the present, be mindful of how I’m feeling, and appreciate this hour of exercise and relaxation.

Setting this intention in yoga has reminded me how little I do that in my daily life.  I often let busyness and stress take the place of staying in the present moment and appreciating where I am at.  My mind more often is racing to the next step or trying to plan the next task on my to-do lists.  Perhaps this mindset isn’t always unhelpful.  I can think of times at work when it has helped to think ahead and be prepared for the next step.  But I think I forget to allow myself to turn off the switch and just relax.  Even if I want to, sometimes it is difficult to take myself out of this mindset.  (By the way, yoga has helped with this too.)

As I continue to practice yoga, I hope that setting this particular intention will continue to  weave its way throughout other parts of my daily life so that I can experience a more balanced mind and a greater sense of inner peace.

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One Thought About A Savasana State of Mind

  • Laura
    August 20, 2012 at 1:58 pm Reply

    Lauren, I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying Barefoot Works and yoga. I’m also looking forward to enjoying a class along side you sometime soon.

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