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I work a lot with couples. I’m guessing this has to do with being a marriage and family therapist! Often in the course of therapy with a couple, I have heard someone say that their primary love language is (fill in the blank) (referring to Chapman’s 1995 book, The five love languages: How to express heartfelt commitment to your mate). The statement is then Read more…

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The problem with why

Several years ago I was working on a grant to help ease the transition for adolescents to go from a residential treatment center for mental health back into school. This transition is typically difficult due Read more…

Being good enough

In our society, we foster a feeling that we are not good enough. Most of the time this feeling is not noticeable, such as when we set goals to do better. It can also be Read more…

Spring Cleaning
Spring Cleaning: Cleaning out the closet

It’s the first morning in a long time that I woke up and wanted to fling my window wide open. As the sunshine filled the room, I didn’t dread the tasks before me: Laundry and grocery Read more…

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